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Energy & Life - Energy Bike

Energy & Life - Energy Bike

Adults and older youth - join us for a fun exploration of how energy works.This program will feature the “Energy Bike,” a bicycle hooked up to a generator and various electrical loads – from light bulbs to a hairdryer – for a fun, "hands and feet on" exploration of energy.

Everybody is talking about energy these days...what’s it all about? This program is a fun introduction to energy basics. How does energy flow through and enable life on Earth? How have humans used energy in the past and present? We’ll explore photosynthesis, renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, the history of energy in our community and much more in a fun program geared towards adults and older kids and teens.

We will start with a short formal presentation, then a series of info/activity stations by program co-sponsors and the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), with info and a fun activity about renewable energy!
This program is co-sponsored by Lafayette Open Space, Centaurus High School’s Eco-Warriors Club, and the Lafayette Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee (LESAC), and will include information of LESAC activities, especially in relationship to Lafayette’s Climate Goals


Thursday, November 7, 2019
6:30PM - 7:30PM
Inactive_Mtg Room
Lafayette Library
  18 and Over  
  *Tech Help     *Workshop or Lecture     Adults     Kids     Teens  

Presented by Lafayette Open Space and LESAC, the Lafayette Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee. For more information, contact Martin Ogle at Martin@EntrepreneurialEarth.com or 720-612-0506.


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